How to Refund a Steam Game: A Detailed Guide

Greetings, gamers! We understand that sometimes, even after purchasing a game with the highest expectations, it may not meet your expectations or run on your device. Fortunately, Steam offers a user-friendly refund system that permits you to get a refund for a game, provided certain criteria are met. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the Steam refund process. So, put on your game face, and let’s get cracking!

What is Steam?

Steam is an online platform that allows gamers to purchase and play games on their devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. With over 120 million active users, Steam is one of the largest gaming networks in the world, offering an extensive library of games.

Why Do Gamers Want to Refund Games on Steam?

Before we discuss how to refund a game, let’s take a moment to understand why gamers might want to do so. Here are a few common reasons for wanting to return a game:

Reasons for Refunding a Steam Game Description
Game doesn’t run on your device This is one of the most common causes for refunding a game on Steam. If a game does not run properly on your device or has compatibility issues, it may make it difficult to enjoy the gaming experience.
Game crashes frequently If the game crashes frequently or becomes unstable, it may make it impossible to play or complete the game.
Game doesn’t meet your expectations After playing a game for some time, you may realize that it is not what you expected or that it does not suit your interests. In this case, it may be best to return the game and try something else.
Game has technical issues If the game has technical issues, such as bugs or glitches, that make it difficult or impossible to play, it may be best to request a refund.

How to Refund a Steam Game

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

The Steam refund policy allows for refunds on games that have been purchased within 14 days and have not been played for more than two hours. In addition, there are restrictions on refunds for games bought during Steam sales and for DLC and in-game purchases. Before you apply for a refund, make sure your purchase meets these eligibility requirements.

Step 2: Submit a Refund Request

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, navigate to the Steam Support page and log in to your account. Select the game you want to refund, and choose “I would like a refund.” You’ll be asked to select a reason for the refund, and provide additional details about the issue you’re experiencing. Steam Support will then review your request.

Step 3: Wait for Steam Support to Respond

After you submit your refund request, Steam Support will review your request and respond within a few hours or up to 7 days. If your request is approved, you can expect a refund within seven business days.

Step 4: Receive Your Refund

Once your refund is approved, Steam will credit the funds to your Steam wallet or the original payment method used to make the purchase.


1. Can I get a refund for games that I have already played?

No, games that have been played for more than two hours are not eligible for refunds. However, there are some exceptions, such as if the game has technical issues or if it is proven fraudulent.

2. Can I refund a game that was purchased during a Steam sale?

Yes, you can. However, the refund will be for the discounted price, not the original price.

3. How long does it take for a refund to be processed?

Refunds are typically processed within seven business days.

4. Can I refund a DLC or in-game purchase?

No, you cannot refund DLC or in-game purchases on Steam.

5. Can I refund a game that I purchased as a gift?

Yes, you can refund a gift purchase, but the refund will be given to the person who originally bought the game.

6. What if I purchased the game with a gift card or prepaid card?

If you purchased the game with a gift card or prepaid card, the refund will be credited to your Steam account, not the card.

7. Can I request a refund for a game that I purchased outside of Steam?

No, you cannot request a refund for games purchased outside of Steam.

8. What if I purchased a game from a third-party site using a Steam key?

Refunds for games purchased from third-party websites using Steam keys are subject to the policies of that site, not Steam’s policies.

9. Can I refund a game that I got for free?

No, you cannot refund games that were obtained for free on Steam.

10. Can I refund a game that was released as a pre-order?

Yes, you can refund a pre-ordered game before or after its release, as long as it meets Steam’s refund policy requirements.

11. What if I have already requested a refund for a game but want to repurchase it?

If you have requested a refund for a game but later decide you want to repurchase it, you can do so on the Steam store page for that game.

12. What if I have a problem with a game that I purchased through Steam, but it does not meet the refund requirements?

If you have a problem with a game that does not meet the refund requirements, such as if it has technical issues or does not run on your device, you can still contact Steam Support for assistance.

13. Can I cancel my refund request?

Yes, you can cancel a refund request as long as it has not been approved yet by Steam Support.


Refunding a game on Steam is a simple and straightforward process as long as you meet the eligibility requirements. If you decide you want a refund, make sure to check your eligibility, submit your request through Steam Support, and wait for approval. We hope you found this guide helpful and that you can now refund any games with ease.

Remember, refunds are not for every gamer, and they are not a replacement for thorough research before purchasing a game. With that in mind, happy gaming!

Closing or Disclaimer

The information presented in this article is for educational purposes only, and the authors and publishers are not responsible for any damages that may arise from the use of this information. Steam’s refund policies and procedures are subject to change, and it is the responsibility of the user to ensure they are following the latest guidelines. Use this information at your own discretion.

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