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Our Short Film Competition will be the first event in this year Indonesian Film Festival (IFF).  Aiming to cultivate the talents of aspiring filmmakers around the world, IFF's Short Film Competition is open for any amateur filmmaker. Submissions will be judged by a panel of film critics and experts of Indonesian culture. The winning movie of our Short Film Competition will be screened at our IFF's Through the Lens.
The chosen theme: "THE UNKNOWN"

It is completely one's decision to surrender to the mystery of the unknown or to explore it. Going within to discover the true self that you have never known or to explore the underlying answer behind the questionables. To explore beyond the boundaries to the true identity, love, home other aspects of human life and the true you. This is a journey that will open the gate to more unfathomable or to something completely new.
The 14th Indonesian Film Festival Short Film Competition encourages emerging filmmakers worldwide to experiment and create an intriguing visual narrative that is unique to their own. Hence why this year's theme of "The Unknown" isunreservedly open to interpretation. What we want is your response towards the unknown. So, if you're keen on expressing your creativity and challenging your cinematography skill, feel free to join this competition and get the chance to win the prize of AUD $750 !
Dates to remember:
  • 5th November 2018 at 11:00 AEDT: Submissions open (submission form open)
  • 3rd March 2019 at 23:59 AEDT: Submissions closes
  • 19th March 2019: Winner announcement
  • 28th March 2019: Screening of the winning short film at the "Through the Lens" and panelist discussion takes place
For this year's Terms and Regulation, click here
To submit your Short Film, click here
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Paul Agusta is a film director and actor who studied film in the United States before returning to Indonesia in 2003. Previously, Paul had been nationally known as a film critic, festival manager, and film curator. Since 2007, he has focused his work as a film and video-maker. His first feature film was released in 2008, titled "Kado Hari Jadi (The Anniversary Gift)", which has been shown at various festivals and events worldwide. He has since completed 4 other feature films: "At The Very Bottom of Everything" (2010), "Parts of The Heart" (2012), "All is Forgiven For We Have Been Happy" (2017, Co-directed with Katia Engel), and "Daysleepers" which will be released in Indonesia in 2019. Paul is currently preparing his 6th feature film "Sayembara!" set to go in production in mid-2019.
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Gaston Soehadi received his Ph. D. from Monash University Melbourne and now teaches at the Postgraduate Program of Literary Studies, Faculty of Letters, Petra Christian university Surabaya. Mr. Soehadi is currently a co-organizer of ReelOzInd! Australian-Indonesian Short Film Competition and Festival in Indonesia. In addition, Mr. Soheadi had presented his papers at ARKIPEL Penal Colony - Jakarta International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival 2017, organized by Forum Lenteng and at Film Studies Conference 2017 in Jogjakarta, organized by Indonesian Association of Film Studies Scholars. He was also a film reviewer with Indonesian program SBS Radio Melbourne.
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Ben Michael is a professional screen writer who has written, produced, and edited more than two-thousand hours of broadcast television. He co-produced, co-wrote the story and script edited a feature film titled "Is This The Real World", which has been released in 2016. He is currently the principal lecturer and course coordinator of the Master of Screenwriting at the Victorian College of Arts. Ben is a regular guest on Nicole Chvastek's Drivetime radio program on ABC. He also runs monthly informal film club Magic Hour that screens non-mainstream cinema from around the world.