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Educational Screening

The Educational Screening aims to increase student-teacher awareness and knowledge of Indonesia.


16 / 17 APR 2020

HOYTS Melbourne Central


Petualangan Menangkap Petir (The Adventure of Catching Lightning)


1h 33m


Drama, Family

About This Event

This year, Educational Screening brings more excitement and knowledge. Through the lens of our event, we would like both students and teacher to increase awareness and knowledge of Indonesia, as well as to bring more depth through our film of choice that will get you ‘zapped’! Besides watching the main screening, you’ll also get to watch a performance of Indonesian dance and a live question and answer with the director himself, Kuntz Agus! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets before it’s too late!

FIlm Synopsis

This film tells us a story of a boy (Sterling) that grows up within the social media fame in Hong Kong, which made his father feared that he might grow up without proper “childhood”. This eventually leads to the decision of sending Sterling back to his grandfather’s home at Boyolali, Indonesia.

As he arrive, his father taught him to interact with the nature and the villagers. He also meets with a bunch of other children that eventually become his friends. They all have a dream of making a film, which inspires from an old folktale Ki Ageng Selo – The Legend of Catching a Thunder.



Under The Stars

18 APR 2020 / 6 – 9.30 PM


Main Screening

25 - 30 APR 2020


Short Film Competition

Submissions Are Closed


Opening Night

24 APR 2020