Past Events

First established in 2006, the Indonesian Film Festival (IFF) is the most prominent celebration of Indonesian cinema in Australia.

Held annually in Melbourne, IFF is managed by a non-profit organisation, Indonesian Film Festival (IFF) Inc., which aims to promote the appreciation of Indonesian culture in Australia, as well as raising international awareness of the burgeoning Indonesian film culture. In addition, we are here as a part of campaign that promote inclusion and diversity in greater Melbourne.

Over the years, IFF has managed to reach up to 2300 participants per year. With the festival’s diverse sets of events, the Indonesian Film Festival has delivered a high amount of cultural, educational and entertainment value to all audience locally and internationally of all ages. Each year of the Festival, we adopt a new theme in order to bring a fresh approach in our delivery. For instance, this year’s theme ‘Kaleidoscope of Stories’, is centred around the celebration of diversity in Indonesian culture. However, our vision remains focused on striving to promote local awareness of Indonesian cultural diversity and to advance the exposure of Indonesian screen culture to the international market.

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