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Join us to be among the first people to see our very own Short Film Competition winning screenplay. Not only will you be the one to watch our hand-picked award winning Indonesian short film, but you will also be able to experience how it feels like to have an open discussion in the room filled with film experts, as well as, film enthusiasts.

On its third year, Through the Lens would like to invite everyone, regardless of their knowledge of films, to join us in this truly enriching cinematic experience.

P.S. The award winning film director will be there to maximize your experience!

  1. Short Film Competition Winner
  2. Sepatu Baru – Aditya Ahmad
  • Siobhan Jackson
    Writer, Director, Researcher in Films and Television, University of Melbourne
  • Andrew O’Keefe
    Senior lecturer in Films and Television (Narrative), University of Melbourne

Guest: Aditya Ahmad
Director of Sepatu Baru, Kado (Citra Award for Best Short Film, Orrizonti Award for Best Short Film)

Moderator: Arsisto Ambyo
Indonesian/Australian journalists, writer, researcher, producer whose innovative approaches to storytelling has garnered awards


Venue: PAR-Arts West North Wing-153 [Forum Theatre]
Date: 28th March 2019
Time: 5.30pm – 9pm
Ticket Price: $15