Short Film Competition

Short Film Competition

Theme: Pause
Submission Deadline: 1 December 2016 - 20 February 2017
Winning Prize: AU $500

In a world where everything moves too fast it turns into a blur, people are too busy racing against time to pay attention. Raw and minuscule details are pushed away, though they are truly what make up the very essence of our lives. As Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and died that distinguish one from another.”

If you step back a little from the traffic of life and look around, what do you see? Does it remind you of a fond memory? Does it make you anxious about the future? Do you witness the secret glances thrown between lovers? Or the horror in the eyes of the oppressed to keep silent? When you pause, what do you see that makes you stir?

Short Film Competition is established to encourage potential film-makers all over the world to create an engaging and intriguing visual story line, through which they can convey a profound message to the public. If you believe your creation can take you somewhere, don't hesitate to submit! To enter, please click here to complete the registration form and click here to view the eligibility criteria.

Meet our judges!

Anggun Priambodo

Anggun Priambodo is a Visual Artist and Film Director. He graduated from Jakarta Art Institution, majoring in Interior Design in 2002. He has directed some notable films such as Rocket Rain in 2013, Belkibolang in 2010, and 9808 in 2008. His works have been selected to participate in many art festivals. In 2011, he participated in the 40th International Film Festival Rotterdam in Netherlands. Fast forward to 2013, his work was included in Singapore Biennale 2013. The most current festival where his work was featured was in Biennale Jogja XIII in 2015.

Anggun has also received many awards for his work. Back in 2004, Anggun Priambodo, being in The Jadugar, was awarded with the ‘Best Director’ title from Indonesian MTV Music Award for directing a music video. His most recent award is from Indonesian Film Academy for being the 1st Winner of the First Feature Film Director category. Apart from being a visual artist and film director, Anggun Priambodo is also the founder of Cobra magazine.

Edwin Jurriëns

Edwin Jurriëns is Lecturer in Indonesian Studies at The University of Melbourne and Adjunct Lecturer with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at The University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra. Edwin’s research, teaching and engagement interests are in art, media, culture and language in Asia, particularly Indonesia. He is especially interested in the role of art communities as creative laboratories for exploring alternative, more sustainable interactions between virtual, material and natural environments. Edwin is co-editor of the Asian Visual Cultures book series of Amsterdam University Press and the principal supervisor of four current PhD projects on contemporary art and the media in various parts of Asia. He was co-convenor of the 2016 ANU Indonesia Update on ‘Digital Indonesia’. His most recent monographs include Visual media in Indonesia: video vanguard (Routledge, forthcoming) and From monologue to dialogue: radio and reform in Indonesia(Brill, 2009).

Gaston Soehadi

Gaston Soehadi currently teaches Film and Language Studies in the Faculty of Letters at Petra Christian University Surabaya, Indonesia. In 1995 Gaston moved to Australia where he had attended the University of New South Wales to pursue his interest in culture, media and linguistic studies. Gaston then moved to Melbourne where he found a like-minded mentor at Monash University in the form of the pioneering Indonesian studies lecturer David Hanan. Inspired by classic and innovative home grown cinema from directors such as Teguh Karya, Asrul Sani and Usmar Imail, Gaston attained a PhD in film studies from the School of Media, Film and Journalism at Monash University.

Gaston has for many years been advising the PPIA student committee that runs the Indonesian Film Festival in Melbourne and 2017 marks his fourth year on the Short Film Competition judging panel. During his time in Melbourne, Gaston worked as film reviewer for the SBS Radio Indonesian program. Gaston is also one of the organisers of the ReelOzInd Short Film Competition & Festival, where he was responsible for managing the touring festival screenings in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Malang, Surabaya, Denpasar and Probolinggo, or as he calls it "bioskop keliling". While he has seen many wholly Indonesian entries in both ReelOzInd and the Indonesian Film Festival, Gaston sees greater opportunities in co-productions and collaborations between Australian filmmakers and Indonesian filmmakers.