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4th WALL

The 4th Wall is a discussion that takes reference from late night talk shows, with guests ranging from prominent Indonesian film directors to emerging figures in the Indonesian film industry. The talk focuses on the conditions of the developing Indonesian film industry. Special guests for this event are some of Indonesia’s big personalities from the movie industry: Nirina Zubir and Oka Antara

This year’s 4th Wall tackles the topic of ‘Original’, this focus on how important the director adapt originality to their film flow and stories. How they made the original stories become real as a film and what additional element that they put into it. Also, how they respond to the ‘Hoax’ issues these days. The event will feature an in-depth and close-up interview as to how something that begins with simple ideas are realized into something as intricate as films, and how much teamwork and process go into it. At the same time, the interview will also include behind-the-scenes explanation as to the preparations of the actors and actresses in entering their role. This event also features several games that the both the guest stars and audience can join into. Accompanying this interview will be a band to add character and personality for guests to enjoy. This special event will also be accompanied by Indonesian favorite bites and mingling sessions where you can have a special chance to snap a picture with our guest stars!


Address: Journal Student Living / 18 Leicester Street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3053
Date/Time: 4th April 2018 / 5.00-9.00PM
Ticket fee: $15 / bundle with TTL $25